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A. Conformance: Street tree planting must conform to all guidelines contained in the community forestry program. No species other than those included in the community forestry program may be planted as street trees or park trees without written permission of the shade tree and beautification board, and trees may only be selected from the tree list that correspond with the specific proposed tree location as designated in the community forestry program.

B. Developments: In the case of all commercial development and/or commercial planned unit developments (of any size or type) within the city limits, industrial or residential development on selected streets (see “community forestry program”), or any development along or adjacent to any existing or master planned eighty foot (80') wide streets within the city, the developer shall be responsible for new street tree plantings prior to receipt of a certificate of occupancy, unless the shade tree and beautification board grants an exception based on unusual circumstances. Street trees so planted shall be no smaller than one and one-half inches (11/2") in diameter of trunk, one foot (1') above the ground, and shall conform to the community forestry program in species, size and spacing, and shall be growing in a twenty-four inch (24") box (or larger), or be balled and burlapped (B&B). The species of tree to be planted as a street tree under any overhead power line or other obstruction shall be approved by the parks superintendent and city forester prior to the planting of such trees. Persons planting trees shall abide by the arboricultural specifications adopted by the city forester. Existing residential, industrial and commercial developments will be encouraged to conform to the community forestry program. (Ord. 2017-06-011, 6-15-2017)