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A. Intent: It is the intent of the city to protect, preserve and enhance the existing vegetation within any public greenbelt areas that are or may be established in floodways or along waterways in the city, by title 10, chapter 13, article B of this code, and the board shall extend its concerns to include all plant life indigenous to such greenbelt or otherwise occurring naturally without cultivation, to the extent it may reflect the goals and objectives of this chapter.

B. Landscape and Vegetation Plan: The landscape and vegetation plan required by subsection 10-13A-3A1g of this code, or that may be required under any other chapter of the zoning ordinance, shall be part of the permit process of other boards and shall show existing and proposed vegetation as it relates to proposed development. Such plans may be referred to the shade tree and beautification board for review and recommendation at the request of such other boards.

C. Undesirable Vegetation: Undesirable vegetation such as tamarisk, noxious weeds, briars and certain underbrush shall be discouraged in the preservation of natural vegetation areas. (Ord. 7-1-1993, 7-1-1993)