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A. Sign Erection Safety Precautions For Streets And Sidewalks: Whenever any sign or other advertising structure is erected in whole or in part on or over any public street or sidewalk, the person or persons performing the work shall, before proceeding to erect the same, take all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of persons and property on such street or sidewalk. Before hoisting any material whatsoever above the surface of any street or sidewalk or placing any material upon the traveled portion of any street or sidewalk, the persons or person performing such work shall exclude the traveling public from the portion of such street or sidewalk in which such work is to be done by means of suitable barriers, protected walkways and warning devices approved by the building inspection department; and whenever the department shall deem it necessary under the conditions then existing, shall provide a guard or guards to exclude all persons not concerned in the work from the portion of the street or sidewalk in which the work is to proceed. When hoisting any sign or advertising structure above the surface of any street or sidewalk, the same shall be accompanied by hoisting devices of approved design and adequate capacity to accomplish the work in accordance with approved engineering practices, all of which hoisting equipment shall be kept and maintained in good and workable condition.

B. City Nonliability: The city, its chief building official and its other agents shall in no way be liable for negligence or failure of the owner, or the person responsible for any damage caused by defective conditions. (Ord. 2015-09-001, 9-3-2015)