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A. Violations: Any person who shall commit any act declared unlawful under this chapter, who violates any provision of this chapter, who violates the provisions of any permit issued pursuant to this chapter, or who fails or refuses to comply with any lawful communication or notice to abate or take corrective action as directed by the city of St. George, shall be guilty of a class B misdemeanor. Each day of violation shall constitute a separate violation.

B. Recovery Of Damages And Costs: The city of St. George may recover:

1. All damages caused by the violator to the city, which may include any reasonable expenses incurred in investigating violations of and enforcing compliance with this chapter, or any other actual damages caused by the violation.

2. The costs of the city’s maintenance of storm water facilities when the user of such facilities fails to maintain them as required by this chapter.

C. Civil Penalties: The civil penalties/fine schedule shall be used to determine a reasonable and appropriate penalty for all violations.

D. Other Remedies: The city may bring legal action to enjoin the continuing violation of this chapter, and the existence of any other remedy, at law or equity, shall be no defense to any such actions.

E. Remedies Cumulative: The remedies set forth in this section shall be cumulative, not exclusive, and it shall not be a defense to any action, civil or criminal, that one (1) or more of the remedies set forth herein has been sought or granted. (Ord. 2015-11-006, 11-19-2015; amd. Ord. 2019-04-001 § 2, 4-4-2019; Ord. 2020-01-003 § 2, 1-9-2020)