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A. A for-hire vehicle driver’s permit is required for each driver of a for-hire vehicle. To obtain a permit, the for-hire vehicle driver must complete the application provided by the city, sign it before a notary public and submit it to the license officer. In addition, the application shall submit to the license officer the following:

1. The applicant’s Utah driver’s license with a taxi endorsement per state law, title 53, chapter 3, section 202, Uniform Driver License Act, along with a clearly visible color copy of the license;

2. The applicant’s name, telephone number, address, and age;

3. The applicant’s Utah criminal background check report which was issued within the past forty-five (45) days;

4. If the applicant has lived in Utah for less than five (5) continuous years immediately preceding the date of the application, the applicant’s Triple I criminal background report or a similar all-state criminal background report, as approved by the city, that was issued within the past one hundred eighty (180) days;

5. The applicant’s driving history for the past seven (7) years from all states where the applicant held a driver’s license during that time; and

6. A passport size photograph clearly showing the applicant’s face and information.

B. The driver shall be disqualified as a for-hire vehicle driver or denied a permit if:

1. The driver/applicant has committed more than three (3) moving violations in the three (3) years before the day on which the individual applies for a permit;

2. The driver/applicant has been convicted, which, for purposes of this permit, includes a plea in abeyance, in the seven (7) years before the day on which the individual applies for the permit, of any of the following: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; fraud; a sexual offense; a felony involving a motor vehicle; a crime involving property damage; a crime involving theft; a crime of violence; or an act of terror;

3. The driver/applicant is required to register as a sex offender in accordance with title 77, chapter 41, Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry;

4. The driver/applicant does not have a valid Utah driver’s license; or

5. The driver/applicant is not at least nineteen (19) years of age.

C. Renewal Of For-Hire Driver’s Permit: The for-hire driver’s permit shall be renewed annually. The applicant for renewal shall submit an application on the form provided by the city if the applicant’s permit has not been suspended, revoked, or expired. Along with the renewal application, applicant shall submit to the licensing officer a Utah criminal background check which was issued within the past forty-five (45) days and the applicant’s driving history for the past year from all states where the applicant held a driver’s license during that time. The applicant shall also include payment of the permit fee, unless any of the conditions for the denial, suspension or revocation of the permit are present as set forth in this article or a disqualifying status is present. (Ord. 2018-03-005, 3-15-2018) (Ord. 2018-03-005 § 2, 2018; Ord. 2016-07-002, 2016.)