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A. The city council, pursuant to Utah Code Annotated section 10-8-84, hereby adopts by reference and incorporates into this code all sections of Utah Code Annotated title 53 (Public Safety Code); title 53A chapter 3, part 5 (State System of Public Education, Local School Boards, Offenses) and chapter 11, part 1 (Students in Public Schools, Compulsory Education Requirements); title 58 (Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Act); title 62A, chapter 4a, parts 4 and 5 (Utah Human Services Code, Child and Family Services, Child Abuse or Neglect Reporting Requirements, Runaways); title 76 (Utah Criminal Code); title 77, chapter 7 (Utah Code of Criminal Procedure, Arrest, By Whom, and How Made) and title 78 (Judicial Code), that relate to class B misdemeanors, class C misdemeanors or infractions, including all amendments, deletions and additions made thereto as of the effective date hereof.

B. Any provisions of these sections are excluded to the extent that they would limit the discretion of the city attorney to charge an offense as either a misdemeanor or an infraction, as permitted by Utah Code Annotated section 10-8-84. (Ord. 10-4-1997, 10-16-1997; amd. Ord. 9-7-1999, 9-2-1999)