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A. Need To Protect: The city council recognizes the potential hazards of storm water from existing conditions, future growth and urban development. Stormwater runoff causes property damage and erosion, and carries concentration of nutrients, chemicals, heavy metals, oil and toxic materials into receiving waters and ground waters. It reduces citizens’ access to emergency services which imposes hazards to both life and property. The city is subject to environmental protection regulations for water quality and NPDES permit requirements through the federal clean water act.

B. Purposes And Objectives: Because of the potential hazards mentioned, the objectives of the fee established by this chapter are to:

1. Ensure there is an adequate stormwater drainage system for handling stormwater runoff.

2. Provide fair, equitable and nondiscriminatory rates for using the storm water drainage system. Usage charges will generate revenues for operating, improving and maintaining the stormwater drainage systems.

3. Establish a policy that usage rates for this service should be set after considering:

a. The intensity of development of land parcels;

b. The types of development on land parcels;

c. The cost of constructing, maintaining, operating, repairing and improving the storm drainage system;

d. The quantity and quality of the runoff generated;

e. Public health, safety and welfare;

f. Any other factors that ought to be considered.

4. Provide for compliance with city and NPDES water qualitystandards. (Ord. 2001-03-003, 3-15-2001)