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A. Alterations: A nonconforming sign shall not be raised, moved, replaced, extended or enlarged unless said sign is changed so as to conform to all provisions of this title. “Alterations” shall also mean the changing of the text of the sign when there is a major change in the use of the property. A major change in use occurs whenever the use changes from one of the following land use categories to another office, retail, food/restaurant service, personal service, entertainment, lodging, repairs, institutional, public utility, manufacturing, and warehouse uses. Any major change in use requires any affected nonconforming sign to conform to all the provisions of this title. Alterations shall not be interpreted to include changing the text of a marquee or changing a copy of an off premises sign.

B. Restoration: Nonconforming signs which have been allowed to deteriorate or which have been damaged by fire, collision or any other cause beyond the control of the owner, to the extent of more than sixty percent (60%) of its assessed value shall, if repaired or rebuilt, be repaired or rebuilt in conformity with the regulations of this chapter or shall be removed.

C. Unsafe Or Dangerous: The nonconforming nature of a sign shall in no way prevent it from being subject to the provisions of subsection 9-13-3F of this chapter, if it is unsafe or dangerous. (Ord. 2015-09-001, 9-3-2015)