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The planning commission shall make a recommendation to the city council for:

A. A general plan and amendments to the general plan;

B. Land use regulations;

C. An appropriate delegation of power to at least one (1) designated land use authority to hear and act on a land use application;

D. An appropriate delegation of power to at least one (1) appeal authority to hear and act on an appeal from a decision of the land use authority; and

E. Application processes that:

1. May include a designation of routine land use matters that, upon application and proper notice, will receive informal streamlined review and action if the application is uncontested; and

2. Shall protect the right of each:

a. Applicant and third party to require formal consideration of any application by a land use authority;

b. Applicant, adversely affected party, or municipal officer or employee to appeal a land use authority’s decision; and

c. Participant to be heard in each public hearing.

F. Exercise any other powers delegated to it by the city council. (Ord. 2019-12-001 § 2 (Exh. A), 12-5-2019)